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Group Life

Insurance benefits can be used to assist an employee’s loved ones with their funeral expenses, settle outstanding debts left behind or be replacement income.

Creditor Life

A unique group life product specifically designed for companies who provide loans to clients. This form of group life insurance protects the lender from the losses associated with the death of debtors. If the borrower dies, the life insurance policy clears the outstanding debt.

Group Health

How about boosting morale and showing your employees that the company cares? With the purchase of a Group Health Plan, all employees will have the same level of insurance coverage irrespective of their age, gender, occupation, or socio-economic status.

Group Pensions

Do your employees have dreams of living a full life? Give them the ease of mind that no matter what stage of life they are at, a happy and secure retirement is possible.

Group Life & Health Insurance Questions
What is the cost of the group plan?
Are there any exclusions or limitations to the coverage?
Is there a minimum number of employees required to qualify for a group plan?
Can employees choose their level of coverage?
Are pre-existing medical conditions covered under the group health plan?
What is the process for adding or removing employees from the plan?
Are there any incentives or rewards for healthy behaviors or wellness programs?
How are investment funds managed in the group pension plan?
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