Home Insurance Claims
What do I need to do if something is stolen from my home or it is lost?
What kinds of records are needed to validate a home claim?
What should I do if I can't live in my home after a loss?
What is a deductible and how much is it?
What if I also have damage to my personal belongings (contents) when my home is damaged?
Claims Forms
Life Insurance Claims
How soon should I notify ICBL of an insured client’s death? is it the same for group life?
What claims forms should I submit for an individual life policy?
Who should submit a claim?
How soon should the beneficiary expect to be reimbursed?
Claims Forms
Health Insurance Claims
What is the ICBL easyClaims portal?
Who should submit a health claim?
When should claims be submitted?
How can I submit claims?
What are the requirements of a paper claims submission?
How soon should I expect the claims to be reimbursed?
How can I see the status of my claim?
What are the deductible, out of pocket and coinsurance?
Do health plans have a maximum benefit limit?
Is there a waiting period after enrollment to get reimbursed for medical services?
Claims Forms
Car Insurance Claims
What do I do if I have an accident?
How can I submit claims?
How does ICBL assess who is responsible for an accident?
How long does the claims process take?
Can I select my own repair shop?
Does ICBL provide me with a rental vehicle?
What happens if my car cannot be repaired and is declared a total loss?
What if I only have a windshield or auto glass claim?
How do I go about getting my vehicle appraised?
Claims Forms
Business Insurance Claims
What do I need to file a claim?
What happens if property damage affects the operation of my business?
What is subrogation?
What should I do when I learn of a customer or other third-party accident or injury?
What claims forms should be submitted for a group life policy?
Claims Forms
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