Commercial Auto Vehicle


  • 13 January 2010
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Commercial Auto Vehicle

Third Party Auto Insurance

If you are in an accident with another motorist and you are at fault, this coverage  provides protection for damages you're legally obligated to pay because of injuries you cause to others.  It also covers legal costs associated with defending claims and lawsuits against you or your company that could arise out of accidents for which you may be liable.

The damage to your vehicle is not covered if you are at fault.

This type of insurance is the minimum required by the laws of Barbados.


Comprehensive Auto Insurance

This covers you as well as your vehicle! If you are the cause of an accident with another motorist the damage  to the other vehicle or property is covered as well as the damage to your commercial vehicle.  It also includes, among other things, fire, theft, flood or vandalism.

If you are not at fault the cost to repair your vehicle will also be covered!